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Ukrainian State Symbols - meaning and origin

The state symbols of Ukraine are the State Flag of Ukraine, the State Coat of Arms of Ukraine and the State Anthem of Ukraine.

Ukrainian flagThe Ukrainian flag consists of two horizontal stripes of equal width. The top is blue, the bottom - yellow. Blue and yellow, the colors of the sky, mountains, streams, and golden wheat fields have symbolized Kyivan Rus’ long before the introduction of Christianity. With the acceptance of Christianity, blue and gold were incorporated into church symbolism.

Trident (Tryzub)The trident is the Coat of Arms of Ukraine. From time immemorial the trident was considered to be a magic sign, a guardian of its kind. The oldest examples of the trident discovered by archaeologists date back to the 1st century AD. In chronicles this symbol was first mentioned in the 10th century. In Kyivan Rus the trident was used by the great princes. When Ihor, Prince of Kyivan Rus from 912 to 945 AD, sent ambassadors to sign a treaty with the Byzantine emperor, they sealed the document with a trident. At the times of Kyiv Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavovych (980-1015 AD) the trident was stamped on coins, on the other side of which appeared the sovereign's portrait. The trident represented the division of the world into the three spheres: the earthly, the celestial, and the spiritual; the union of the Divine, the Paternal and the Maternal; as well as the union of the three natural elements: the air, the water and the earth.

The State Anthem of Ukraine is the national anthem set to the music by M. Verbytskyi with the words by Pavlo Chubynskyi

The national flag of Ukraine (Ukrainian: державний прапор України) was officially adopted for the first time in 1918 by a Ukrainian People's Republic.

The state coat of arms of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Державний Герб України) or commonly the Tryzub (Ukrainian: Тризуб) is the national coat of arms of Ukraine, featuring the same colors found on the Ukrainian flag.


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