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Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Do you know what the heaviest silver coin in the world is?
The heaviest silver coin in the world is a Ukrainian anniversary coin "10 years of hryvnia revival". Its weight is 1000 grams. It was issued in Ukraine in 2006.

Do you know who created the world's first constitution?
The world's first constitution was created by a Ukrainian politician Pylyp Orlyk. On April 5th, 1710 he was elected the Hetman of Zaporizhia troops. On the same day Pylyp Orlyk has announced "the Constitution of the rights and freedoms of Zaporizhia army." For example, U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1787 and French and Polish in 1791.

Do you know about whom Pablo Picasso said: "If we had an artist of such a level, we would make the world talk about her"?
Pablo Picasso was delighted with the works of the Ukrainian artist Catherine Bilokur (1900-1961). When he saw her at the exhibition in 1954, he said, her works were brilliant and compared her with the famous painter Seraphine Louis.

Do you know which city the great Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov called the most beautiful in the world?
Mikhail Bulgakov said about Ukrainian capital and one of the oldest cities in Europe: "There is no more beautiful city in the world than Kyiv".

Do you know where you could see a famous shod flea?
You could see a famous shod flea in Ukraine at the Kyiv Museum of Miniatures. Its author is a well-known Ukrainian master of miniatures, Mykola Syadrysty.

Do you know which language takes the second place in the world on melodic criteria?
Ukrainian language took the second place on melodic criteria after Italian and it was ranked as the third most beautiful language in the world on such criteria as phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology and sentence structure after French and Persian at a linguistic contest held in Paris in 1934. Learn Ukrainian travel words and phrases

Do you know where the deepest in the world subway station is?
The deepest in the world subway (metro) station is located in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv (Kiev)! It is Arsenal’na metro station (red line) and its depth is 105 meters!

Do you know where the center of Europe is?
The center of Europe is in Ukraine! Geographic center of Europe is considered to be in a small Western Ukrainian town Rahiv, surrounded by picturesque Carpathian Mountains.

Do you know which city has the shortest main street?
The shortest city main street, but at the same time one of the widest and the most spectacular is Khreshchatyk Street in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Its total length is 1,225 meters.
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